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ASTA PAC History and Organization

The American Society of Travel Agents’ Political Action Committee (ASTAPAC) was established in 1979 to represent the collective voice of the Society's travel agent membership before the United States Congress and the White House.  For over 30 years, ASTAPAC has served as the strongest PAC for travel agents, educating elected officials about our issues and counterbalancing opposing positions.  Within the last five years alone, ASTAPAC has contributed nearly $270,000 to worthy, pro-travel agent candidates.

The ASTAPAC Governing Board, appointed by ASTA’s President and Chairman, oversees all aspects of the PAC, including fundraising campaigns and determining which political candidates receive ASTAPAC contributions. ASTA’s Government Affairs department works to ensure that ASTAPAC functions properly and remains compliant with federal reporting requirements.

ASTAPAC funds are granted, in a bi-partisan manner, to those candidates whose views are consistent with ASTA on issues vital to the travel agent and tourism industry. Through your active participation, your recommendations to the ASTAPAC Governing Board and your voiced concern on key issues, you decide the candidates ASTAPAC supports. We want to hear from you frequently and clearly.

ASTAPAC depends solely on personal, voluntary contributions from ASTA members on an annual basis. Neither ASTA, nor any ASTA member employer, will favor or disadvantage anyone based upon whether they contribute or decline to contribute, or on the amount of any contribution. Federal regulations require that all incorporated members of the Society sign a yearly authorization form prior to solicitation, and not approve solicitations by more than one trade association for the same calendar year.

ASTA Government Affairs

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The ASTA Government Affairs Team works tirelessly for our members throughout the country, vigilantly monitoring legislative proposals, protecting travel agents’ interests in the halls of Congress, and organizing grassroots support on agents’ behalf within state legislatures.

Success on the political front only happens when members like you become involved and committed to our legislative efforts. Your voice does make a difference - and we need your support!

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